The importance of person-centred care activities

Person-Centred Care Activities play an important part in every person’s care plan, especially for individuals living with dementia. It is one of the 13 fundamental standards of care set by the Care Quality Commission – the independent regulator of health and social care in England.

As the requirement for care is ever-increasing, it is vital that caregivers do not lose sight of the person behind the syndrome.

Person-Centred Care Activities help fulfil each resident’s emotional needs beyond their physical needs, and puts them at the centre of their care, promoting individuality, retaining their dignity, and allowing them to lead a fulfilling life.

At Manucourt, we are truly passionate about Person-Centred Care Activities and creating an environment where our residents’ emotional, social, and practical needs can be met alongside the requirements of their tailored care plan.

We have also found that personalised activities encourage residents to make their own decisions therefore providing them with a level of independence, in addition to increased engagement.

Examples of Person-Centred Care Activities at Manucourt

Earlier this month at Barton Lodge, the wonderful Margaret spent time with our activities team flicking through her treasured scrapbook and reminiscing about historic events throughout her childhood and teenage years.

Margaret chose this as her person-centred care activity and loved giving the care team a glimpse into her life looking at photos and reading through newspaper snippets and even birthday cards written by her parents from her big 21st.

In September, Jenny designed and framed her own piece of art as part of her person-centred care activities that month. As a keen artist, Jenny enjoys painting and creating art and uses it as a creative outlet to express herself.

She was very pleased with the final piece which now takes pride of place on the wall in her bedroom.

With a history of selling bananas in the family, Edna’s most recent person-centred care activity involved baking a delicious loaf of banana bread with the care team.

Bananas hold a very special place in Edna’s heart, and this activity in particular brought back many special memories for her which she enjoyed telling us as she reminisced about the past.

Person-centred activities provide numerous benefits for our residents and help meet their emotional and social needs. They’re also fulfilling for our care team, as we learn more about our residents each day and what they enjoy doing.

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If you want to learn more about person-centred care at Manucourt, please contact our friendly activities teams here.