How our residents are keeping fit

How our residents are keeping fit

We have our very own Joe Wicks at Woodley Grange and Barton Lodge!

Whilst the nation turns to home workouts to keep fit during lockdown, our wonderful activities teams have been running regular, fun exercise sessions to keep our residents active.

Exercise not only improves their physical fitness and mobility, it can also positively impact sleep, confidence, self-esteem and mood!

Here are just some of the physical activities residents of all abilities enjoy:

Balloon games

Where there are balloons, there is fun! This is a popular exercise for the arms and is suitable for residents living with dementia.

Parachute games

Our residents love playing with the parachute. Not only does it provide gentle physical activity, it also encourages social interaction.

Armchair exercises

This is a great activity for residents with limited mobility. It puts less pressure on lower body joints like knees and ankles.


Our beautiful gardens at Woodley Grange and Barton lodge provide the perfect backdrop for a gentle stroll in the fresh air and the opportunity to soak up some vital vitamin D.

And not forgetting, dancing

Research has found that dancing improves strength and muscle function, which helps reduce the risk of falls. It’s also great fun for our residents and team.

To find out more about the varied activities at Barton Lodge and Woodley Grange, contact our Homes here.