Manucourt use cutting-edge care technology

Since going live across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight last year, Manucourt has been at the forefront of using Orion Health’s shared care record (known as ‘Care and Health Information Exchange’, or CHIE for short) and experiencing all the benefits the new technology offers care homes.

To share our experience of using this cutting-edge technology, Woodley Grange were thrilled to feature in NHS Digital’s latest film, alongside Oaklands Care Home. We would like to give special thanks to our residents, families and staff who brilliantly showcased the exemplary care we provide at Woodley Grange.



The Benefits of using CHIE by Orion Health


Instant up-to-date information

CHIE is a convenient shared care record that brings patient information from different care settings into one place, making it accessible to all the clinicians and caregivers involved in their care.

By simply clicking a button, CHIE gives our team immediate access to our resident’s medical history, we can see their latest test results, prescriptions, upcoming appointments and other useful information.


Saves time

Woodley Grange Manager, Liliana Maciera, has said that before CHIE, the staff used to spend a lot of time on the phone to hospitals, GP surgeries and community providers, chasing information, since using CHIE we are able to spend quality time with our residents instead, as it is all logged and readily accessible on the system.


Reassuring for residents and their families

Our residents and their families are already noticing the benefits of using CHIE. Cath and Margaret Hart shared how pleased they are that they no longer have to wait on hold to receive blood test results, and other families are relieved they no longer need to remember and relay all the details and changes to their family’s medical history to the staff. Our resident, Anne, feels much more relaxed that the management team will be able to help, as they can instantly access all the relevant information.


Outstanding care

Woodley Grange Head of Care, Lorraine Tabbner, said that by having access to the residents’ medical history, it means we can deliver the correct care, we know everything about everyone that comes into the building and it means that nothing is missed.

By having faster and smoother transfers of care, it avoids duplicate testing, improves medication safety and prevents patients having to repeat information to every new person they see. The efficient system is particularly beneficial if a patient suffers from memory loss, or has difficulty communicating.



CHIE uses multi-factor authentication to ensure the ultimate data security. A passcode is sent to verify the user’s identity, in the same way that online banking does, so all information remains confidential and secure.


To request further information, or arrange a viewing of our multi-award winning care home, please call our highly trained team on 01794 337326.