Woodley Grange look after staff’s well-being

Our staff always go the extra mile for our residents, so Woodley Grange Manager, Liliana Macieira, organised some well-deserved pampering sessions to recognise their hard work and commitment.

Liliana said: “With the pandemic and the uncertainty we are now facing, staff recruitment and retention has been a real challenge. This has put a lot of pressure on the staff that stayed strong and continue working in care.”

Massage student, Solange Jesus, was invited into the home to deliver a number of 30 minute massages for staff, which for many, was their first experience.

Liliana continues: “This initiative is saying we care about our staff’s feelings. I saw first-hand the positive impact this initiative had on my staff’s well-being.”

Agency staff member, Waidi, remarked: “It’s amazing that management cares about their staff and organises things like this. They all deserve it and I am so thankful for being asked if I wanted to participate as it was a very relaxing experience and a first time for me”.

Solange reflected: “The staff at Woodley Grange work very hard and really do care. It was my pleasure to treat them to a relaxing massage as they have been through a lot during the pandemic.”

We are very proud of our dedicated team who continue to deliver outstanding quality care, that Woodley Grange is well known for.


To read the full article published in the Hampshire Chronicle, please click here.


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