Woodley Grange residents, staff & relatives come together to celebrate International Mother Language

Woodley Grange celebrated International Mother Language Day on Wednesday 21st February. The special event was organised by Woodley Grange’s dedicated care assistants, Thaieb and Pooja, with the help of all staff members, and celebrated the diverse languages that are spoken in the home.


It was a truly inclusive day, residents and staff were able to enjoy activities, food and drink from all around the world. A member of staff cooked a delicious curry, which went down very well and everyone was treated to snacks from different cultures. Plus, there were prizes to be won, as Thaieb arranged fun games including pass the cushion, musical chairs and a quiz, which were enjoyed by all.


The Indian and Bangladeshi staff lit up the room with traditional bright and vibrant dancing, which everyone loved. All of the staff wore stunning colourful saris, brought in by members of staff, and had henna painted on their hands to complete the look. At the end, Thaieb gave a beautiful speech giving real meaning to the day.


The feedback from residents was incredible. One resident shared: “The day was exciting and a good idea to promote diversity”, while another resident exclaimed, “I enjoyed myself, it got people together from all cultures. It was the best party I have been to!”

Woodley Grange’s Manager, Loraine Tabbner, said: “It was lovely to see the staff working together to promote such a wonderful day. Residents, staff and relatives all came together and experienced something very special. The hard work and determination as a group was outstanding. We can’t wait to host the next event!”