Tickled Pink Productions Entertain Us

On 22nd September Tickled pink Productions came to Woodley Grange to entertain our residents.

The two performers put on a romantic comedy show full of favourite musical songs and dances of yesteryear. They included songs from Singing in the Rain, Easter Parade, High Society, Let Yourself Go and many more.

A theatre curtain was erected at one end of the lounge to enable the performers to change costume – one moment a ballerina, the next a clown and finally sparkly top hats and tails to name a few.

Residents were each welcomed and some were given feather boas and party hats to wear, helping them to feel part of the show. Some residents were lucky enough to be individually serenaded to.

The smiles and laughter were infectious and a delight to behold.

The show was thoroughly enjoyed by those who came along, including some family members and was still being talked about for days afterwards.

The residents enjoyed the show so much that we invited them for our pre-Christmas festivities. We’ve included photos of both shows for your enjoyment.