Joan's sweet shop trip

Resident Joan relives sweet memories thanks to Barton Lodge team

Barton Lodge’s lovely resident, Joan Fuggett, 99, has very fond childhood memories of growing up above the family chocolate shop!

To help Joan take a walk done memory lane, the Barton Lodge team arranged a very special trip to Truffles in Lymington, home of traditional pick ‘n’ mix and delicious truffles.

Joan's person-centred activity
Special trip

On the day, Joan met owner Bev and reminisced about her time working at the family business as a girl.

Joan was so happy to see all the old sweet jars and was given a box of chocolates to take back with her – which didn’t last long!

Joan’s story

Joan was born in London and grew up in Reading where her father’s shop, The Chocolate Box, was based before it became a fish and chip shop in recent years.

She moved to New Milton with her father, where she met husband Charlie and the pair bought a house in nearby Bashley.

Joan reflects on happy childhood memories

“I really loved visiting the shop and it was amazing to see all the sweets in big screw top jars, like I remember them being. The smell in there brought back so many happy memories!

“It made me think of the chocolate bar sandwiches I had as a child. My favourites were always the Nestle milk chocolate bar, butterscotch or just a quarter of mixed sweets.

“My dad never used to let me help myself to anything there even though it was tempting! But I was always given anything I asked for and so were my friends when they came to visit.

Joan added: “It was such a lovely day out and I’m so thankful to everyone for arranging it for me. The whole thing brought back so many fond memories!”

Excellent reminiscence therapy

Barton Lodge’s Care Home Manager, Amanda Cooper, said: “Our team love to find new and exciting ways for our residents to relive their most cherished childhood memories.

“We all know how fondly Joan remembers her days living in the shop as a girl and since she’s come back she can’t stop smiling about it.

“Moving into a care home doesn’t mean you have to stop doing the things that you love and we were all delighted to arrange this for Joan.

“It’s so important for all of our residents to be able to continue having new experiences but also to be able to reminisce about the wonderful memories they have.”

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