Barbados comes to Barton Lodge

Sitting on a beach with golden sand and watching the waves and tide flow in and out whilst enjoying delicious food sounds like a dream for many people.

This dream came true for Jo, one of our residents, as she enjoyed a ‘Caribbean surprise’ recently.

Sat at a table with views of palm trees, exotic islands and blue skies, Jo tucked into a specially prepared lunch of mussels with crusty bread. She then enjoyed her favourite dessert of chocolate eclairs, accompanied by a cold glass of chardonnay.

Having always wanted to return to the Caribbean and enjoy lunch on the beach, Jo’s wish was granted as part of our ‘Wish Makers’ initiative.

Speaking about the programme, Barton Lodge Activities Coordinator, Jenny, said: “Our Wish Makers initiative gives the residents an opportunity to tell us something they have always wanted to do or haven’t done in a very long time. Each month, the residents are encouraged to drop a wish into our wishing well, where one is picked out at random, and we do our upmost to make it happen – even if that means bringing the Caribbean to Barton-on-Sea. We had great fun creating the experience for Jo, and her happy face says it all”.

Jo thoroughly enjoyed her lunch and said that the experience reminded her of a wonderful holiday in Barbados, especially the amazing food she had and said that she couldn’t wait to go there again.

We’re pleased you enjoyed your tropical surprise, Jo!

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