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Centenarian Kathleen Wilmer celebrates 100th birthday in style!

On 28th September 2016, Centenarian Kathleen Wilmer celebrates an unforgettable day, her 100th birthday.

Kathleen had a delightful birthday with her family, friends and our team at Barton Lodge and she even had a special visit from New Milton Mayor, Cllr David Hawkins!

Kathleen has lived with us at Barton Lodge for six years and she is an absolute joy to be around. She previously lived in Hordle and was married to her late husband for 68 years. Kathleen is the only surviving sibling in her family and she is convinced her long life is because of her mother’s genes! She certainly has a lot to be proud of, including an impressive 30 years service with Tesco at their head office in Hertfordshire.

Kathleen really did celebrate in style on her birthday with live music and dancing and all her family and friends around her on her special day. Kathleen was showered with balloons, flowers, gifts, cake and lots and lots of cards (one of her favourites was the card from the Queen!).

For everyone at Barton Lodge, it was an exciting day as it’s not everyday we get to celebrate a 100th birthday.

Speaking to Kathleen, she was thrilled and said, “I’ve had lots of cards and presents and have been very lucky.”