Barton Technology

Using innovative technology to improve cognitive wellbeing


Here at Barton, we focus on activities which are not only enjoyable for our residents, but also have a positive impact on their physical and mental wellbeing.

As we continue to invest in our activities at Barton, we’ve been particularly interested in the benefits of smart technologies for the elderly. One of the technologies we’ve been recently trialling is the Tovertafel projector; which has been designed specifically to give the elderly a fun, immersive experience, while also helping to improve their memory skills. The projector provides residents with a variety of activities – from word searches and colouring tasks, to beautiful fireworks displays. Our residents particularly enjoyed the galaxy activity, which allows them to explore the solar system!

Over the coming week’s we’ll be trialling several other devices, including the Omi Interactive – a projection systems with games, music and social activities to engage and motivate the residents. You can keep up with how the trials are going over on our Facebook page!

If you’d like to find out more about the activities taking place at Barton Lodge, like our Facebook page to receive daily updates.